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On the domestic ground the work on the project "Sport and art as the force of development of school" consisted
of a series of actions. The materials provided below allow to acquaint with the course and scope of those actions.


Multimedia presentation "Sport in the eyes of the students” shows opinions on sports lessons of third grade students at Gimnazjum nr 3 in Tarnobrzeg. The presentation was prepared on the basis of the survey. Thanks to it, teachers learned what disciplines their students practice gladly and which less gladly. On the basis of the survey results, further tasks were formulated for the school in the field of motor education of pupils. 

Sport in the eyes of the students” >>>


Gimnazjum nr 3 in Tarnobrzeg which was participating in the educational project "Sport and art as the force of development of school," throughout the two years benefited from substantial support of management and employees
of Culture Center in Tarnobrzeg. Multimedia presentation "School in interaction with Culture Center" shows
the forms and effects of cooperation between the two institutions.

“School in interaction with Culture Center” >>>